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COVID-19 Trade Update Page

Finland Update & Finnair Revised Guidance & Updated Policies

20th March 2020 - 4:10pm


Finnair is doing all they can to bring people home as borders within Europe close in light of Finland Border Controls which have been reinstated on all intra-Schengen routes between 19 March & 13 April 2020. HEL airport will be kept open for cargo flights & returning pax. Foreigners in Finland can exit the country. Finnish nationals are recommended not to travel abroad.


Pax allowed entry: Nationals of Finland. Family members of nationals provided he/she is entitled to enter & stay in Finland). Holders of valid Finnish residence permits. EU nationals who are registered as staying in Finland. EU nationals and holders of EU issued permanent residence permits, who are returning to their respective EU country of residence via Finland (if pax shows signs of illness, entry may be denied). Non-EU nationals who are leaving the Schengen area via Finland to return to their country of residence; e.g. Japanese national travelling CDG-HEL-HND


Non-Schengen to non-Schengen travel via HEL: Travel from a non-Schengen country to another non-Schengen country is allowed via HEL, however, the pax should be travelling to his/her country of residence and remain in the non-Schengen transit area of the airport. The pax must be eligible to enter at his destination, taking into consideration any possible Corona restrictions of the destination (therefore travel should be limited to passengers returning home).


The most up to date change policy for Finnair is as follows:

In case a flight is cancelled or customers affected by local government restrictions (e.g. pax subject to travel ban/quarantine but flight still operating): Full refund or postpone travel until 30 Nov-20*.

In case a flight is still operating: Refund per ticketed fare rules or postpone travel until 30 Nov-20*.

* Pax can change date flexibly without a change fee & travel until 30 Nov-20 with the following policy:

Ticket issued by 30 Apr-20.

Original travel date is latest on 30 Nov-20

Finnair operated & marketed flight on Finnair ticket

Rebook into the same class as the original flight or lowest available in the same cabin

Ticket revalidation permitted

Rerouting not permitted

Change made by 30 Nov-20

Applies to all ticket types and OS AY CHANGE OF TRAVEL DUE TO CORONA must be added to all changed bookings


The change in the ticket rules does not apply to certain agents with special agreements with Finnair i.e. Finnair Holidays, Aurinkomatkat (Suntours) and Group bookings. It DOES apply to individual Tour Operator bookings using TO fares.

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