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Festive Thanksgiving with American Airlines

13th December 2019 - 12:45pm

Tara Magee (British Airways) with Caitriona Toner & Siobhan Bosket (American Airlines)

Tara Magee (British Airways) with Caitriona Toner & Siobhan Bosket (American Airlines)

The team at American Airlines, including Caitriona Toner (Country Sales Manager Ireland), Siobhan Bosket and Denise Forbes (Sales & Leisure Manager Irl & UK) joined trade partners and media in the Shelbourne Hotel on the 29th of November for one of the highlights of the year - Christmas lunch, great craic and cheer all the way!


Caitriona spoke about the amazing year that American Airlines has achieved in 2019. She added that this would not have happened without the support of the trade in Ireland. The launch of Dallas earlier in the year as well as brilliant backing from Edel Redmond and the team at Dublin Airport. This ensured a seamless launch and provides ongoing service from Ireland resulting in American Airlines having an even greater volume of seats from Dublin in 2020!


Well, that was the first Christmas dinner of the year thanks to American Airlines. What a great day and continued success to all American Airlines team in Ireland from Team Travelbiz!

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Tara Magee (British Airways) with Caitriona Toner & Siobhan Bosket (American Airlines)
Siobhan Bosket (American Airlines) and Tara Magee (British Airways)
Ladies who Christmas lunch
Tara Magee (British Airways) with John Spollen (Cassidy Travel)
Tara Magee (British Airways) with Caitriona Toner (American Airlines) and Alan McAra (Travel Leaders)
Alan McAra (Travel Leaders) and Philip Airey (Sunway)
Edel Redmond (DAA), Tara Magee (British Airways) and David Hennessy (Tropical Sky)
Caitriona Toner (American Airlines), Maria Hyland (Atlas Travel) and Don Shearer (
David Hennessy (Tropical Sky) always brings the Christmas holiday cheer
Tara Magee (British Airways), Philip Airey (Sunway), Gabrielle Gilmartin (FCM) and Alan McAra (Travel Leaders)

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