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Falcon/Thomson FAM - Parents Have No Fear, Thomson and Bamse are Here!

9th August 2017 - 9:30am

Bamse, he is the world's strongest bear and loves meatballs you know!

Bamse, he is the world's strongest bear and loves meatballs you know!

There are a number of kid’s clubs offering two hours of fun for kids (& relief for parents).   They are split into the Basme Club (3-5-year-olds), a @611 for 6 to 11-year-olds and The Hangout for teenagers too cool for everything (12-15).   They also do fun kids nights a few evenings a week (like a pizza party), in other words, a few hours babysitting for €10 a child is excellent value.   Just beside the main reception area is a self- contained “Baby Lounge” - this has a plush soft play area what parents and babies can relax and play out of the sun (air conditioned).   There is also a kitchenette with baby equipment to make life easier (microwave, bottle warmers and changing tables).   You can also book baby equipment for your room (cot, stroller, steriliser, bottle warmer).

In peak season (May to mid-Oct) there is a baby club six days a week (3 2-hour sessions a day and some evenings).   The baby club has fully trained staff and, as such, incurs an additional charge.

There are parades around the resort with Bamse and Thomson to give high fives and hugs to gangs of kids.   There are activities around the clock from dance classes, face painting, water polo, inflatable relay races in the pools, aqua aerobics to name a few highlights.

The kids' reps are friendly, smiley, happy and enthusiastic.   There is extensive daytime activity programmes for all different age groups and a packed evening entertainment schedule with the main stage starting with cartoons for the little ones, children’s live entertainment which gets crowds of kids up dancing, wiggling, bouncing around and doubled in giggle fits.   This is followed by the TUI reps keeping the crowds entertained and high standard, local live acts suitable for the whole family. This is immensely popular so it’s worth going early to get good seats!

The TUI reps set the mood and all are enthusiastic, full of energy and entirely focused on you having fun, whatever age you are or helping out whatever the question.    While there are the usual hours that you can meet with the reps, you can stop and ask any of them and they are only too glad to lend a hand, point you in the right direction or wave and high five little eager eyes

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Bamse, he is the world's strongest bear and loves meatballs you know!
The poolside reps getting everyone up to dance every day of the week
Bamse and Thomson the Dog keeping the kids entertained
Kudos to Thomson the Dog - giving it socks in 32-degree sun by the pool!
The air conditioned Baby Lounge
The Cosy Corner in the Baby Lounge
Nightly entertainment for young and old

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