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Etihad Airways operates its signature 'Greenliner' aircraft to Dublin on Ireland's national day

20th March 2020 - 1:10pm

Etihad's signature 'Greenliner' aircraft in Dublin

Etihad's signature 'Greenliner' aircraft in Dublin


To mark St. Patrick’s Day, Etihad Airways operated its newest aircraft, a ‘green-themed’ Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner, from Abu Dhabi to Dublin.


This was its first visit to Dublin, which is specially-painted as the flagship of the Etihad Greenliner Programme, a sustainable initiative by the airline. As well, the departing flight was operated mainly by Irish crew, originally from Dublin, Tipperary, Monaghan, Leixlip, Boyle and Belfast.


The initiative was a positive and productive action by Etihad and a range of industry partners in the midst of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, which is heavily impacting the global air transport industry.


The inbound and outbound flights, EY45 & EY42, were used to test a series of sustainable operating measures to optimise the flight profile and minimise fuel consumption, noise and carbon emissions.


The flight began with a direct taxi-out, enabling the aircraft to push back from the gate and taxi without any waiting time from Abu Dhabi’s terminal to the runway, then performed a continuous climb to cruise level - an uninterrupted path which is far more sustainable than a standard ‘stepped ascent’ and reduces emissions and noise.


Etihad’s signature ‘Greenliner’ aircraft then utilised an optimised flight profile to Dublin before performing a continuous descent approach to the Irish capital, again far more efficient and “green” than a standard ‘stepped descent’.


The return flight completed another “green'' journey with direct taxi out & in to each terminal, continuous climb departure and descent approach and an optimised flight profile for the journey to Abu Dhabi.


Boeing is a foundation partner of the Etihad Greenliner Programme, through which the airline is working on a range of initiatives designed to help advance sustainable air services. Another key partner is GE Aviation, which manufactures the engines powering Etihad’s Boeing 787 and 777 fleets, and discussions are progressing with other entities including airports and research organisations to help improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact.


Since its delivery to Etihad in January, the signature Greenliner aircraft has been used to test sustainable aviation fuel refined from agricultural waste, and to assess with Boeing initiatives including the use of real-time data from the aircraft to monitor the performance of its many systems and recommend to pilots the most efficient flight path.

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Etihad's signature 'Greenliner' aircraft in Dublin
Etihad's signature 'Greenliner' aircraft in Dublin
The ‘Greenliner’ crew in Dublin

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