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Elisha departs for Vancouver

26th March 2022 - 12:30pm

Elisha Bernie

Elisha Bernie



Elisha Bernie (Sales Manager Neenan Travel & Breakaway) sends her trade partners and colleagues this message of thanks as we say goodbye.


As you well know, in this industry we have a huge passion for travel and now that the opportunity is there, I have decided to pack my bags and move to Vancouver and join for world of tech sales. It is with a heavy heart that this also means I will be leaving Breakaway. I’ve loved every minute of working with them and I’ve always felt like I hit the jackpot by working with and representing such an amazing destination like Disneyland Paris. I’m so grateful to Alan and the team at Breakaway for everything I’ve learned and the opportunities they’ve given me, they’ve also been so supportive of my decision to travel.


I’d like to thank everyone in the travel industry and everyone in Travelbiz for being so kind, welcoming and fun over the last few years, I’ve made some friends for life and I wish everyone all the very best in the future.


‘How lucky I am having something that makes saying goodbye so hard’ – Winnie the Pooh.


A message from Alan Neenan regarding my departure: “Elisha has worked with Neenan Travel & Breakaway for 5 years. She has decided to relocate to Canada and she leaves with our very best wishes. The entire team in Neenan Travel will miss her greatly and I know that all of our trade partners, who she built a great relationship with, will also miss her. On a personal note I am very sorry to see Elisha leaving, she will be a great loss to the company. During the 5 years she worked with us she brought a new level of sales expertise and enthusiasm to the company which expanded our brand into new markets and grew sales significantly. I’m very happy that we have Jennifer Neenan stepping into Elisha’s role and they’ve both been working together for the past couple of months to ensure a smooth handover. And Elisha very kindly agreed to continue working on a part time basis for a period of time while she is in Canada in order to help Jenny settle into the role. Jennifer completed her International Marketing degree in 2020 and she’s looking forward to getting to grips with the new position, and I’m sure the expertise Elisha passes on to her will be invaluable.


Our loss is Canada’s gain, I’m sure Elisha will excel in her new role and I wish her the very best for the future. And she knows that the door here is always open if she decides to return to Ireland.

Happy St. Patricks Day.

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