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Discover the wonders of Saudi at the ‘Journeys in Arabia’ Virtual Roadshow!

23rd March 2021 - 10:40pm

Jeddah’s historic ‘Al Balad’ district

Jeddah’s historic ‘Al Balad’ district

Largely unexplored by international leisure visitors, Saudi is the true home of Arabia – a land rich in culture, heritage, mystique and romance. A land of adventure and unparalleled hospitality. Saudi is a study in contrasts. From Al Jouf in the north to Jazan in the south, you’ll find arid deserts and lush valleys, clear seas and rugged mountains, ancient archaeological sites and modern architecture, haute cuisine and street food.

A showcase of the best of what Saudi has to offer, Saudi Tourism Authority is delighted to present you with the ‘Journeys in Arabia’ Virtual Roadshow, an opportunity to explore one of the newest destinations on the global tourism stage and learn more about Saudi’s hidden treasures and unique, authentic experiences.

Join us any time on 30th and 31st March between 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM GMT for this exclusive opportunity.

Register HERE.

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