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30th March 2019 - 12:00pm

. Fiona Cunningham (Head of Tourism NI)

. Fiona Cunningham (Head of Tourism NI)

A much loved saying in Northern Ireland (and one of my own Mother’s favourites), “What’s Keeping You” was the theme of the Discover Northern Ireland event in Fade Street Social in Dublin where Naomi Watts (Head of Marketing Discover NI) encouraged us to drive a couple of hours north to this truly beautiful region. Fiona Cunningham (Head of Tourism NI) and her team welcomed members of the press and gave a super presentation on the wonders of the wee north.


A brilliant video, featuring comedian Neil Delamere, showcased the charisma of the locals, the coastline and the craic. With the upcoming 148th Open in Portrush in July, Game of Thrones, Titanic Centre, re-opening of Hillsborough Castle, Northern Ireland as World’s best Food Destination and the eponymous “Derry Girls”, there can be no doubting Northern Ireland as a global hit! Only 57% of us down here travel north at all! We don’t know what we’re missing. Apparently a sip of Bushmills is like getting punched in the face, so we deserve a slap for not exploring our gorgeous island. Get in the car. Hop on the train. What’s Keeping You?”

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. Fiona Cunningham (Head of Tourism NI)
Jacinta Mc Glynn (Travelbiz) and Ed Finn (Travel Times)
Fiona Cunningham, Terry Talbot and Michelle Jackson
Ed Finn (Travel Times), Lydia Stevenson (Jago PR), Fiona Cunningham (Head of Tourism NI)and  JP Thompson (Freelance)
Alan Greer (Hillsborough Castle) and Stephen Porzio (Travel Ireland Magazine)
Kirstin Smith (Tourism NI), Clare Mc Coy (Tourism NI) and Sarah Hamilton (IBI)
Grace Cahill (Daily Mail) and Nadia el Ferdaoussi (Freelance)
Melanie May (Freelance), Jim Murty (Irish Daily Mail) and Yvonne Gordon (Freelance)
The ladies from Tourism NI who make it all happen

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