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Covid Vaccine 90pc Effective.

13th November 2020 - 2:00pm

Covid vaccine found to be more than 90pc effective as Pfizer claim 'great day for science and humanity'

Covid vaccine found to be more than 90pc effective as Pfizer claim 'great day for science and humanity'

Some great news broke this week via the Irish Independent featured on our Travelbiz Daily News Bulletin. This is the type of news our Industry needs to get us all back into bounce back mode and Travel.


Covid vaccine found to be more than 90pc effective as Pfizer claim 'great day for science and humanity'

Pfizer Inc on Monday said its experimental vaccine was more than 90pc effective in preventing Covid-19 based on initial data from a large study, a major victory in the fight against a pandemic that has killed over 1 million people, roiled the world's economy and upended daily life.


Pfizer and German partner BioNTech SE are the first drugmakers to show successful data from a large-scale clinical trial of a coronavirus vaccine.


"Today is a great day for science and humanity," Albert Bourla (Pfizer's Chairman & Chief Executive) said in a statement. "We are reaching this critical milestone in our vaccine development program at a time when the world needs it most with infection rates setting new records, hospitals nearing over-capacity and economies struggling to reopen".


Pfizer expects to seek broad US emergency use authorization of the vaccine for people aged 16 to 85. To do so, it will need to have collected two months of safety data on around half of the study's roughly 44,000 participants, expected in late November.


"I'm near ecstatic”, Bill Gruber, one of Pfizer's top vaccine scientists, said in an interview. "This is a great day for public health and for the potential to get us all out of the circumstances we're now in".


Pfizer said the interim analysis was conducted after 94 participants in the trial developed Covid-19, examining how many of them received the vaccine versus a placebo.


The company did not break down exactly how many of those who fell ill received the vaccine. Still, over 90% effectiveness implies that no more than 8 of the 94 people who caught Covid-19 had been given the vaccine, which was administered in two shots about three weeks apart.


The efficacy rate is well above the 50pc effectiveness required by the US Food and Drug Administration for a coronavirus vaccine.


To confirm its efficacy rate, Pfizer said it will continue the trial until there are 164 Covid-19 cases among participants. Given the recent spike in US infection rates that number could be reached by early December, Gruber said.


The data have yet to be peer-reviewed or published in a medical journal. Pfizer said it would do so once it has results from the entire trial.



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