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“Challenging as always but great fun”

12th January 2018 - 3:00pm

Tom Britton and the Marble City Travel Team in Kilkenny

Tom Britton and the Marble City Travel Team in Kilkenny

Tom Britton (MD Marble City Travel) reports on early bookings from Kilkenny.


“We are in a great business, a fun business, January is challenging, it always is. If you are not worrying about clients coming through the door, you are worrying about getting back to them all. 2018’s challenge is different, the worry is different, but it is still fun. The consumer still has an expectation we can “discount” similarly to a clothing store in January, thus the usual shopping around occurs to a point. Overall, it has been a very strong start, but in the immortal words of Cristy Lane……….”One day at a time sweet Jesus”. ……..however positive overall, though it is one day at a time!"


“What’s selling? – The old reliables are in there, mixed with the occasional bucket lister. To be fair, a new world was not created last year, so you could say it’s more of the same …….but with twists! And the opportunities are there for us all to add the twists and delight our clients. January is exciting! Travel is exciting…….even when we are stressed to within an inch of our lives.“

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