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Brand USA - A Wilderness Now on Netflix

20th March 2020 - 2:40pm

Tony Lane (Visit USA) and Chris Thompson (Brand USA CEO)

Tony Lane (Visit USA) and Chris Thompson (Brand USA CEO)


Brand USA is ten years in Ireland and Travelbiz joined the team for a VIP event at The Brooks Hotel to celebrate. The Brand USA team hosted a private screening of Brand USA’s new 3D documentary, “Into America’s Wild” showcasing the great outdoors in the United States, narrated by Morgan Freeman.


Chris Thompson (Brand USA’s CEO) spoke of the movie, that it celebrates the USA, “A nation founded on exploration, a lot of what we are known for is the ability and freedom to explore. He talks of trails and trailblazers…. from the earliest explorers in the country all the way into space”.


“The documentary is a nonstop adventure to some of America’s most stunning and little-known natural landscapes and trails and a vital exploration into how being in nature can spark peak experiences that improve our lives,” said Greg MacGillivray (Chairman MacGillvray Freeman Films) and director of “Into America’s Wild”.


Chris welcomed airline partners with special mention of United Airlines, co-sponsor of the movie and wished them every success on their new San Francisco service. He also thanked the trade and commented that it was a privilege to be able to do what they do.


This is the third movie, following the success of “America’s Musical Journey”, also narrated by Morgan Freeman and “National Parks Adventure” narrated by Robert Redford and is available on Netflix in 4k. Reflecting on the documentary, “National Parks Adventure”, Shane Cullen commented “It’s a great way to clear the head, in these challenging times where we are bombarded with news and alerts, it reminds us of the greatness of this little planet, of nature and wilderness and wanting to explore. I appreciate it even more now and cannot wait to go on my next adventure when travel rebounds”.

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Tony Lane (Visit USA) and Chris Thompson (Brand USA CEO)
Tryphavana Cross (NYC & Company/Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority), Chris Thompson (Brand USA CEO), Tony Lane (Visit USA) and Ava Mehta (Brand USA)
Martina Coogan (United) and Ava Mehta (Brand USA)
Teresa Murphy (Air France / KLM / Delta) and Linda Ryan (Tour America)
Grainne Caffrey (Sunway), Claire Slattery (Travel Department) and Ciara Foley (Platinum Travel)
The Brand USA Boys: Aaron Wodin-Schwartz, Chris Thompson (Brand USA CEO) and Mark O'Malley
Gerry Benson and Tryphavana Cross (NYC & Company)
Tara Magee (British Airways) and Caitriona Toner (American Airlines)
Grainne Caffrey (Sunway) with Jill Maguire (Tropical Sky)
Lori John (US Embassy) with Colleen Butler (
Tryphavana Cross (NYC & Company/Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority) and Jenny Rafter McCann (Aer Lingus)

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