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Bookabed and Flexible Autos

26th April 2019 - 12:40pm

Don Shearer (Travelbiz) with Ita Comer (Club Travel)

Don Shearer (Travelbiz) with Ita Comer (Club Travel)

Team Travelbiz were out in force at the Bookabed and Flexible Autos trade appreciation lunch in Sophie's Restaurant on the 5th floor of the luxurious surroundings of The Dean Hotel on Harcourt Street. As always, the team from Bookabed and Dean Dexter (Flexible Autos) were on hand to keep satisfaction levels high, just like their clients. The group enjoyed an intimate and sumptuous meal, a glass of vino or three and a proper catch-up on a packed first quarter of 2019. Lee announced the fruition of Bookabed's partnership with co-host, Flexible Autos and how car hire will be available on the Bookabed platform imminently! Glasses were raised to a busy summer season and beyond. And, as always, the night was legendary.

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Don Shearer (Travelbiz) with Ita Comer (Club Travel)
Dean Dexter (Flexible Autos) with the team from Bookabed
Ivan Beacom (Aer Lingus) with Lisa Rabbitte (Emirates)
Pic of the week. Colleen and Caitriona
Ciara Foley (Platinum Travel), Joanne Madden Feeney (Travelport) and Mary Denton (Sunway)
The likely lads. Lee and Shane who love sharing
The guys are ready to Click&Go;
Shane and Gerry (Travelbiz) with Bev and Lee (Bookabed).
Dean Dexter (Flexible Autos) welcomes the trade
Beverleigh Hart (Bookabed) with Dave Hennessy (Tropical Sky)
Blessed art thou amongst women
Onur Güll (Turkish Airlines) with Bev and Colleen (BookaBed)
Niamh Maria Waters (Travel Media), Dominic Burke (Travel Centres) and Ciara Foley (Platinum Travel)
Joanne Madden Feeney (Travelport) with Deirdre Sweeny (Sunway)
Bettina (Click&Go;) with Ken Masterson (Skytours)

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