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COVID-19 Trade Update Page

Blue Insurance Trade Update

14th November 2020 - 9:30am

Jeanette Taylor (Blue Insurance)

Jeanette Taylor (Blue Insurance)


Jeanette and the team at Blue Insurance would like to remind all trade partners that Ireland is now part of the European traffic light system. Ensure you check the DFA website for updated travel advice. If there is a change from ‘non-essential travel, to travel with high degree of caution, (which there is for most EEA countries), it means your customers are now covered on our travel insurance.


To all of our fabulous and loyal travel agents, and trade partners, we are so sad that Level 5 has closed our doors, however, we realize the greater importance of protecting us all.


We at Blue are operating as normal and available for any queries you may have.


You are all very important to us and we continue to support you, we are thinking of you and we look forward to going back out visiting you when lockdown restrictions are lifted.

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