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Barbados Caves and Rum

6th July 2019 - 1:00pm

Tara Magee (British Airways) in Barbados celebrating British Airways 65 years flying to Bridgetown

Tara Magee (British Airways) in Barbados celebrating British Airways 65 years flying to Bridgetown

A maze of caves, a bottle of rum and home to a national treasure! BA 65 Years to Barbados Mega FAM.


Harrison’s Cave is a massive stream cave system stretching 2.3km in the heart of Barbados. With a guide onboard a train that looks like multiple golf carts clipped together, we meandered through these vast and stunning mazes of underground caverns filled with stalagmites and stalactites, stunning pools of water and learnt about this Caribbean island.


Barbados is a relatively new island and unlike other Caribbean islands, is not volcanic but composed of deep ocean sediment formed from tectonic plates pushing upwards meaning the island grows (marginally) every year. Within the cave system, the former coral reef and seabed is now above water and can be witnessed on this fascinating and family-friendly excursion.


Mount Gay Rum is the world’s oldest rum brand, established over three centuries ago in 1703 using the natural limestone as a water filter and local sugar cane to produce this exceptional spirit. What better way to enjoy this part of history than for us to take part in a rum tasting (fabulous) followed by an opportunity to channel our creativity in a cocktail making contest. While coming a contentious second place (I was robbed!), it was a great chance to bond and enjoy the island’s famous history and produce!


From centuries of history to some current pop culture, our next journey led us down the renamed, Rihanna Drive where Rihanna grew up. The suburban house, repainted in vibrant shades synonymous with the way of life here, is now signposted to reflect the island’s world-famous superstar.


As part of the adventure, a cocktail reception awaited the group at the recently refurbished Radisson Aquatica. This is situated just outside the capital of Bridgetown on a stunning white sand beach with calm turquoise waters lapping along the shore. An idyllic location for couples and plenty of water activities such as snorkelling and paddle boarding are on offer.


Our adventure continued as we arrived at the Harbour Lights Beach Extravaganza and Dinner show. This is an outdoor beachside venue with Bajan musicians, dancers and performers entertaining the crowd with energy and vibrancy. It was captivating and the rhythm was contagious. This isn’t something you tap your feet to (difficult on the sand), rather you wiggle and sway amongst a mesmerizing swirl of colour, feathers, sparkles and flames. Alongside the extravaganza, a traditional Bajan style dinner was served straight from the BBQ and accompanied with the forever welcome rum punch in plentiful supply.

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Tara Magee (British Airways) in Barbados celebrating British Airways 65 years flying to Bridgetown

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