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Amadeus Ireland announces New Commercial Director Ireland

16th February 2018 - 12:20pm

Claudio Santos (New Commercial Director Amadeus)

Claudio Santos (New Commercial Director Amadeus)

Amadeus Ireland announced the appointment of their new Commercial Director for Ireland this week with Travelbiz. Team Amadeus Ireland is delighted to welcome Claudio Santos to the trade in Ireland as the new Commercial Director.

Claudio has extensive experience working in the Global Technology industry for the past 23 years in various leadership positions both at a country and regional level.

Claudio joined Amadeus 6 months ago after spending the last 15 years working for IBM in Latin America. Claudio’s new role will see him overseeing both Ireland and Portugal, spending time in to both regions.  Claudio is a strong believer in innovation fuelled by technology can be a key competitive advantage for you our customers and prospects in the face of the current challenges and opportunities presented by the Industry.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to get to know this specific market and together with my local team help our customer and prospects realize the full potential of our solutions and succeed in their business,” said Claudio.

On behalf of all Travelbiz readers and trade partners in Ireland we welcome Claudio and look forward to keeping the trade and all Amadeus customers appraised on all Claudio’s plans with team Amadeus in Ireland.

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