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COVID-19 Trade Update Page

Accident & General Fairsure Update from Craig Donnelly

21st November 2020 - 10:00am


As promised, we have been working on our policy wording and are now able to announce some of our recent policy improvements:

Covid Cover - Peace of Mind (All our policies have the following):-




Failure of COVID Test prior to departure

*New* - Quarantine/HSE Directive to Isolate


The Quarantine Section covers cancellation if:

The HSE or NHS officially advises to self-isolate as a result of a close contact. (This will have to be supported by specific HSE/NHS confirmation - Solely app notification is insufficient. The quarantine section does not consider localised lockdown as quarantine as this is advisory).


Geographical Areas of Cover

We can sell to sell to all countries that have been downgraded from 'non-essential travel' to 'a high degree of caution'.

Click the following to go to Reopen EU link:- Traffic Light System

And click on this for the DFA Travel Advice Site

Important - If the status reverts back to ‘non-essential travel’ – there is no cover under any section once the client has departed if the client was still to travel against the Government advice.


However, it is anticipated that the traffic light system will remain in place, with the highest status being 'high degree of caution'.


That being said, should you have a client that has to travel to a region where the security guidance remains at 'avoid non-essential travel' - we may be able to provide or source coverage for you. If this is the case, please contact me and we will explore options for you.

Further details on the above and Covid Cover in general can be found on our agent portal.



I am still carrying out Webinars, either with individuals, agencies or multiple agencies and can be specific to covid or otherwise. If you want to have a chat with me, just let me know and we will arrange a Zoom, Teams, or even an old fashioned phone call.


New Technology

We have been working on enhancing technology solutions over the past few months. In particular, we can integrate with booking systems to automatically price the insurance for the trip. Reach out if you would like to discuss this exciting opportunity further.


Therefore, in summary:

• Stay Safe during Lockdown and if you are bored, join me for a zoom

• Policies can still be extended for original travel within all of '20 into '21

• We are covering even red list countries in the Traffic Light System

• If the destination country is still 'avoid all unnecessary travel' and the client has to travel for essential reasons, refer it to us and we will see what can be done (no guarantees, but we will try....)

• Try and find a small thing to smile about each day and if you can't, set up a Webinar with me and I'll try my best...

All the very best from myself and everyone in A&G - we are sending you all our very best thoughts and wishes.

Craig Donnelly


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