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A Taste of Malta & Irish welcome from 1st July

4th June 2020 - 5:00pm

Malta to welcome Irish from 1st July

Malta to welcome Irish from 1st July


The Malta Tourism Authority & Government announce the resumption of commercial flights to and from Malta from July 1st 2020. The first group of destinations that are being reopened for travel include Ireland and also comprises: Germany, Austria, Sicily, Cyprus, Switzerland, Sardegna, Iceland, Slovakia, Norway, Denmark, Hungary, Finland, Lithuania, Israel, Latvia, Estonia, Luxembourg, and Czech Republic. More destinations will be announced in due course, once clearance from health authorities is received.


Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Julia Farrugia Portelli said this decision reaffirms that Malta will have a summer. She added that the lifting of these measures was carefully studied in the past weeks with the health authorities and will give people confidence while further sustaining the economy and tourism.


Malta may be baking in the summer sunshine and although you can’t visit it right now you can still bring some Maltese baking to your kitchen.


The Mediterranean island of Malta has been building its reputation as a gastronomic paradise due to its amazing combination of traditional and locally produced food. Malta’s position as a major trading port between the east and west, along with the influences of the many civilisations that made the islands their home throughout the centuries means that Malta serves a diverse range of dishes influenced by Mediterranean, African and Arabic traditions.


Why not try your hand at making some Maltese dishes with these easy to use, step-by-step recipe cards from the Malta Tourism Authority:

• Bigilla (traditional dip)

• Ġbejniet (round cheeselets)

• Hobż Malti (crusty sourdough bread)

• Kapunata (a dish made with bell peppers, capers, aubergines, onions, tomatoes, olives and garlic)

• Kusksu bil-ful (a traditional Maltese soup)

• Kwareżimal (a traditional Maltese biscuit)


A Malta Training Programme has recently been launched to provide travel agents with the inside knowledge and top tips to promote the Maltese Islands to their customers who are considering where to visit once the COVID-19 situation has passed. It can be accessed HERE.

Visit HERE for further information on Malta

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Malta to welcome Irish from 1st July
Malta to welcome Irish from 1st July
Malta to welcome Irish from 1st July

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