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A Message of Support from our great friend Pere Granados Carrillo

24th April 2020 - 11:30am

Pere Granados Carrillo, Mayor and President of the Salou Tourist Board

Pere Granados Carrillo, Mayor and President of the Salou Tourist Board

Mayor and President of the Salou Tourist Board

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Dear friends,

Given the current situation of which the tourist sector is part, due to the existence of the coronavirus on a global scale, as president of the Salou Tourist Board, I am pleased to write a few words of support with the belief and confidence that we will successfully overcome the upcoming challenge; with the faith that, together, we will make possible for a key sector in economy and progress to reignite.


First of all, I sincerely hope and wish you and your families, as well as the corresponding professional and management teams, are well and are also feeling encouraged and capable to cope with the objective of recovering your companies and business. We are already working to boost our tourist destination full of energy and new strategic plans that suit the current circumstances and new times, and to which we would like to invite you so that we can undertake this challenge with the highest unity of action.


Of course, there are still a lot of questions around us, but we are also quite sure that we will move forward, and we know how we can do so because crises, despite the existing uncertainty, have always allowed us to emerge stronger than ever and with more solid forward-looking projects, created thanks to a great effort, loads of imagination and an unwavering commitment.


Tourism has always led the economy in our country and will do it once again despite current tough times. We have to be at the fore of a new change and pioneer the necessary great transformations for the development of tourist activities, with new actions, resources and products adapted to promote the industry of happiness once more.


It is the hope of going out, feeling, discovering and living again, with our friends and family, sharing experiences, joys and extraordinary adventures. Salou will always be here for you.


Beyond these encouraging words that will help us build a new future, this message was designed to let you know that, now, Salou is by your side. We want to be and will be present in every action, in every decision and in every gesture that allows us to continue growing with you. Now, more than ever, we want you to feel us even closer.


See you very soon and kind regards.

Pere Granados Carrillo

Mayor and president of the Salou Tourist Board

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