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AWTE Christmas Party - There with Bells On!

14th December 2019 - 11:00am

Dominic Burke (Travel Centres) - blessed is he amongst the beautiful Burkes - Jocelyn & Bernie. A fab family affair

Dominic Burke (Travel Centres) - blessed is he amongst the beautiful Burkes - Jocelyn & Bernie. A fab family affair

Association of Women Travel Executives held their much anticipated Christmas party in Suesey Street restaurant in Dublin on 6th December. There was merriment aplenty and festive fun for sure! With over 80 attendees (and even a few very privileged males), the bowels of Fitzwilliam Street were rocking when Suesey Street filled up with tinsel clad and sequin bedecked guests – and that was only the men! The dedicated and hardworking AWTE committee put on an amazing afternoon with fantastic food, lots of bubbles, raffle prizes, great music and awards.


Sponsored by the Travel Corporation and Travel Centres, generosity and true Christmas spirit(s?) was flowing through Sharon Jordan and Bernie Burke in their elegant speeches. A charismatic crooner, Sean Boland, lulled us all with numbers from The Rat Pack, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra et al. A special ‘Male Advocate’ award went to Declan O’Connell (Lee Travel in Cork) and an ‘Inspirational Member’ award went to Valerie Murphy (Celebrity Cruises). Clare Dunne (Chairperson AWTE) advised guests that great plans are afoot for 2020 to include a female speaker panel and mentoring programme. Joy to the World (of Women).


AWTE yuletide festivities overflowed to Mc Grattan’s where a few beverages were consumed and there wasn’t a Christmas Grinch in sight. I have this on good authority as, naturally, Travelbiz went home at a respectable hour……

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Dominic Burke (Travel Centres) - blessed is he amongst the beautiful Burkes - Jocelyn & Bernie. A fab family affair
Awesome AWTE Committee - Fiona Foster, Maura Moloney, Clare Dunne, Dympna Crowley, Teresa Murphy, Martina Coogan, Lorraine Quinn, Niamh Waters
Dympna Crowley (Lee Travel), Jacinta Mc Glynn (Travelbiz), Fiona Foster (Cassidy Travel) and Yvonne Muldoon (Aer Lingus)
Maura Moloney (Dublin Airport), Adam Goddard (TTC) and Sharon Jordan (Country Manager TTC)
Shannon O'Dowd (Etihad Airways) and Niamh Quinn (Travelmedia)
The lads look happy! Brian Hynes (Travel Corporation), Dympna Crowley (Lee Travel) and Adam Goddard (Travel Corporation)
AWTE party with bells on
Martina Coogan (United Airlines) and Maura Moloney (Dublin Airport)
Clare Dunne (Travel Broker) and Karen Moloney (Etihad Airways)
Joy to the World (of Women) at AWTE Xmas party
Valerie Murphy (Celebrity Cruises) and Jeanette Taylor (Sunway)
Sharon Jordan (Country Manager Travel Corporation), Ed Finn (Travel Times) and Fiona Cunningham (Tourism NI)
Yvonne Muldoon (Aer Lingus)
Blessed is he amongst women
Susana Cardoso (Portuguese TO) and Maureen Ledwith (Travel Extra)
Alison Sheehan (Travel Corporation), Fiona Dobbyn (Classic Resorts) and Teresa Murphy (Air France/KLM)
Yvonne O'Donoghue (O’Donoghue Travel) and Kathryn Mc Donnell (Spanish TO)
Christmas beauty at AWTE awesome party in Suesey St
Helen Kelly (Platinum Travel) and Olwen Mc Kinney (Amadeus)
The High Flyers! Yvonne Muldoon (Aer Lingus), Martina Coogan (United Airlines) and Jenny Rafter (Aer Lingus)
Lorraine Quinn (Celebrity Cruises) and Mary Mc Kenna (Tour America)
Christmas cheer

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