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14th June 2021 - 7:35pm

Keep up to date as the app feed displays the latest news and information about Disneyland Paris live for travel agents.

The new format allows travel agents to give clients tailored recommendations. They will also have access to specific content about both Disney Parks®, Disney® Hotels and Les Villages Nature Paris, and the services and options available, including meal plans. Travel agents can use this content to design a holiday that perfectly matches the needs and wants of customers.

Sales Support tools and additional features

The new training platform also contains additional features such as the sales support tools which include practical information on various subjects, a search engine and a personal profile for the travel agent so they can track their training progress at the click of a button.

Exclusive benefits for travel agents

The Disney Stars training platform gives travel agents exclusive Disney benefits, which can include exclusive discounts and deals, so it is the app you need to give you the most up to date offers for your trip to the magic.

Fun learning content

In addition to enhancing the sales process, the training platform also offers heaps of content to find out all there is to know about Disneyland Paris. This information has been paired with games and quizzes to allow agents to test their knowledge and challenge their colleagues

Download Disney Stars HERE.

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