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Hello from Vienna with Sunway and Travelbiz.


After our super Sunway trip to ‘Little Paris’ yesterday, it was hard to imagine that the beauty of Budapest could be topped. However, the capital city of Austria today ticked the box of superlatives in terms of grandeur and magnificent buildings. Srdjan, our super guide and unbelievable mine of history, brought the city alive.

We waltzed (d’ya like the Strauss reference here? – waltzes from Vienna) around the Ringstrasse, then Srddjn and Frank walked us through the pristine streets. We enjoyed Viennese coffee and apple strudel (sure, ye’d have to!) and watched the glamorous world go by. Renowned for classical music, Vienna not only boasts Strauss, but Beethoven and Mozart too. The stunning Opera House is the fitting home for such musical genius too. In fact, it’s said that Austrians have a violin in their hands in the pram! Mention Vienna and think Vienna Boys Choir; the famous Lipizzaner horses (developed in the Hapsburg Empire in the 16th century) and perhaps the little known fact that the Singer sewing machine was invented here.

The Irish guests on this super Sunway trip love the idea of visiting 3 countries and 3 capital cities all within easy reach in the space of a few days. Accessible, comfortable and a fun way to tour middle Europe. Sunway – it’s the way to go.