Re-starting tourism amid the pandemic: Croatia an example in Europe



With almost 14 million tourists in 2021, Croatia experienced a successful year reaching 75% of figures of 2019, which was a record year for Croatian tourism. As ECTAA’s preferred destination for 2021, the travel agents and tour operator’s organisation is pleased to have contributed to this success.


There were 77 percent more arrivals in 2021 than in 2020, whilst overnights were up 55 percent, stated the Croatian National Tourism Board. The most popular destinations were Zagreb (638,000 arrivals), Rovinj (549,000), Dubrovnik (543,000), Split (529,000) and Poreč (431,000). Moreover, Croatia also generated more revenue from foreign tourists during the summer months of 2021 than it ever has in the past.


Obviously the dedicated and quality work of all travel companies in Croatia ensured that the country kept its status of a high-quality, safe and well-prepared destination. In parallel, with the agreement signed last year, ECTAA promoted Croatia among the 70.000 travel agents and tour operators across Europe, highlighting the diversity of travel and tourism products that the country offers, providing visitors with beautiful nature, impressive heritage and fine gastronomy.


Thanks to the preferred destination’s ECTAA supported in many ways the CNTB initiatives to position Croatia as an attractive and as a safe tourist destination. Moreover, ECTAA held a successful conference in Zagreb: an occasion for the national delegates of ECTAA to get acquainted with the measures aimed at making the tourist experience both safe and enjoyable at the destination and start prospecting for future activities of travel agents and tour operators in Croatia.


According to Eric Drésin (Secretary General ECTAA), “This success is not a surprise. We have seen a genuine commitment from all the stakeholders to provide the best services to the customers and it paid off. In addition people want today both to travel and to be reassured that they can enjoy a safe journey. Croatia completely understood this new need. The clarity and quality of the information provided lead the path to these exceptional results”.

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