New Challenges and Opportunities.



Borders reopening, restrictions being lifted and our trade partners reporting a high level of inquiries and bookings is the evidence that we are well on our way to the end of a time we shall never forget. The challenge is as predicted when we witnessed the first signs of a beginning to the end of what we have all endured over the past 22 months. The ability to manage and covert the surge in customer activity. The sector has been badly bruised and will take time to get the talented people we all lost replaced and back in retail and wholesale environments. Already we have seen a huge increase in jobs posted on the Travelbiz dedicated jobs page from airlines, tour operators and the retail sector. I believe we will all come back stronger than ever and will reap the benefits of never giving up and supporting our respective customers and trade partners.


I have said it so many times throughout our broadcasts and editorial updates that it has been a time to take the opportunity to rebuild and seek out new opportunities, partnerships and reinvest in a new future. You would never forgive yourself if you look back on the past two years and realise you missed a great opportunity to take stock in all that you do and not work on improving, rebuilding or simply showcasing a new look for the bounce back.


We are seeing evidence of that in our Industry and this week’s ezine highlights a number of examples at home and abroad.

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