Make historic Evora your hiking destination for 2022



Home of the ITAA Conference in 2021, Travelbiz can personally recommend this amazing city and region for hiking. Take a look at the links below and some of our pictures and Visit Portugal in 2022.


Do you like hiking? Why not add more #walking #routes to your new year’s resolutions? We suggest you start by exploring the historic centre of #Évora, in #Alentejo.


The arcades at Praça do Giraldo can be the starting point of the tour, then make a stop at the Temple and the Roman baths, walk by the medieval walls, the Cathedral and the Church of Graça, and end the adventure at the peculiar Bones Chapel.


Évora, a book of Portuguese art history, click HERE.

The best way to see the city is on foot, walking through its narrow streets lined with white houses, discovering along the way the monuments and details that reveal the history of Évora and its rich heritage.


Judging by the calm, welcoming surroundings, one easily sees why this city, which dates from the Roman era, was chosen by the kings of Portugal in the 15th century to serve as their residence, a fact that contributed to its development and cultural importance in the following centuries. It was in fact due to Évora´s long history and its urban centre, typical of the 16th to 18th centuries that has been preserved to our days that lead UNESCO to classify the city as a World Heritage site.


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