Cassidy Travel report surge in bookings.



A pre-pandemic January’ – John Spollen (Cassidy Travel Director) reports on renewed remand, top tips and travel trends for 2022.


Since December, John Spollen has reported a massive surge in bookings. “If the past two years have taught us anything”, he says, “it is the importance of seizing life’s opportunities and savouring every moment of it when we can. Of course, everyone wants to travel, but we all want to do it safely”.


“The rebound is happening”, Mr. Spollen comments, “Overseas holiday enquiries and bookings picked up as soon as Ireland’s testing restrictions were eased. So many people are going to say yes to travel this year, bookings for overseas travel are on the increase. We are experiencing a pre-pandemic January! While this is great news for the industry the pent-up demand will have a knock-on effect on availability and prices of both flights and accommodation for the foreseeable future”.


With this in mind, Cassidy Travel’s experts have put together some top tips and trends for hopeful holiday-makers this year.


Cassidy Travel’s Top Travel Tips & Trends 2022

  1. BOOK EARLY! – especially if your travel dates are fixed. With a prediction of 10-15% fewer seats around Europe this year due to demand, it’s never too early to book for this summer.
  2. Be Flexible – avoid peak times if possible. Consider going on your summer holiday in May, June or September rather than July or August. Going on a short break? Travel mid-week if you can to avail of the best prices and availability.
  3. Check Covid 19 Restrictions in your destination country – as we are all well aware, Covid 19 restrictions can change quickly and often. Keep an eye on your destination documentation requirements also. Most countries still require proof of vaccination/booster or negative PCR/Antigen test results.
  4. Make Sure You’re Covered – Travel Insurance is essential! Remember to take out insurance at the same time you book to make sure you’re covered.
  5. Passports – If you’re excited to travel in 2022, check your passport expiration date now. If you need to apply for or renew your passport for a 2022 trip, you’ll want to get that application into the passport office ASAP!
  6. Book with an ITAA travel agent for increased security.


With regards to trends, one of the biggest this year is experiential travel. Cassidy Travel’s expert events and sports teams are reporting increasing popularity in event based holiday bookings. From concert packages like Ed Sheeran and Coldplay, to sporting events such as Formula 1, Six Nations, Golf Masters and Premier League, experiential holidays are definitely on the rise.

  • Bucket List Travel – with many people forgoing their holidays over the past 2 years, and consequently having more savings in the bank, luxury and adventure trips are also becoming increasingly popular. Whether it’s a luxury cruise around the Caribbean, a honeymoon in the Maldives or a Kenyan Safari, the Irish have their minds on something extra special in 2022.
  • Extended Family Holidays – Cassidy Travel are seeing a lot more multi-generational family holiday bookings as people enjoy time with their families after so much time apart. Villa holidays are perfect for large groups. Cassidy Travel can help you to find your ideal villa in the right destination for you whether you want to experience a new country for the first time or return to an old favourite holiday haunt.
  • Check Out New Routes – There are some good flight and hotel deals on new routes from Ireland – and some incentive prices –including Madeira, Sardinia, Santorini, Cyprus, and also Jersey.

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