Bounce Back in 2022



This exact day last year Travelbiz acknowledged the year that had just been swept under the ‘Travel Industry Rug’ stating that we would continue to communicate, broadcast and support you, our industry partners, readers, followers and subscribers as we faced another really tough and uncertain new year. Well, it certainly was and Travelbiz did what we set out to do delivering our messages of hope and support throughout.


Well, here we are again, a new year with new challenges, but the focus will change to managing demand and converting all of those enquiries!  Travelbiz will continue to deliver in 2022 with a lot of new and very exciting developments along the way, as we all check in and get ready to board our ‘bounce back’ journey to what we all do best! Travel sentiment is high as all we hear from our colleagues’ friends and family, is we are definitely travelling again in 2022 no matter what.


Reference has been made to the new roaring 20’s as we welcome back travel and this haze of uncertainty clears to a new beginning for our much loved and bruised travel industry in 2022.


Travelbiz looks forward to sharing our journey with you as we Bounce Back to a brighter year ahead.

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