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Volume 20. Issue 40. 27th August 2020. View Online
Trade Petition Launched to Support our Industry


Linda Jones (The Travel Boutique) launched an online petition this week to get as many travel industry members to sign and support, which she will then present to TD’S and government representatives

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Linda Jones (The Travel Boutique) 
Linda Jones (The Travel Boutique) 
TravelbizTV - Don’s Travelbiz Trade Petition Update


Travelbiz wholeheartedly supports this initiative and has today launched our new Facebook “support our travel trade” #Traveltradetogether profile frame which we would encourage you to use and share with all of your Industry colleagues.

Please CLICK HERE and support our industry.

Irish Travel Trade Rally Behind Trade Petition


A petition, led by Linda Jones and Carole Smith, to highlight the Irish travel trade is gaining significant support and at time of going to print (10am Thursday), it had already secured in excess of 2,200 signatures.

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Voices from the Supporters - the Irish Travel Trade


We have been knocked before, we’ve been on our knees and steadied ourselves again and again. Arguably we have faced nothing of this magnitude before but we are a hardy bunch.

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It’s as Easy as…


To sign up to the Save Our Travel Trade, sign the petition HERE.

It’s as easy as pie, just enter your name and email address. You can choose if you want to keep updated on the progress of the petition or not. The website facilitates you sharing via email, WhatsApp or via social media. We urge you to share with others - families, friends and loyal customers - to help gain further support for our industry, which really is our community, the Irish travel trade.

Please CLICK & share the link below and show your support

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