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Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta is a year-round destination with something for everyone!

With 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites and 300 days of Sunshine there is nowhere better to visit.

Dating back over 5,000 years Malta’s history is unmatched. The Neolithic temples of Malta; Hagar Qim and Ġgantija point to a mysterious lost civilization whilst countless monuments such as the St Johns Co- Cathedral are incredible feats of beauty and architecture and a legacy of the Knights of Malta which once ruled the archipelago. Lovers of art will also appreciate viewing the only signed Caravaggio painting in the world which is found in this majestic Co-Cathedral.

Malta’s capital city, Valletta is a city break paradise and counts over 320 historical monuments which are easily accessible on foot. Whilst walking around the Capital you can also find plenty of local boutiques to shop in or just enjoy a drink in one of the main squares taking in the atmosphere.

The Upper Barraka Gardens are a must visit and offer some of the best views of the opposing three cities, Senglea, Cospicua and Vittoriosa where you can find attractions such as the Maritime Museum, the Malta at War Museum, the Inquisitor’s Palace and of course Fort St, Angelo.

Both Valletta and the Three Cities hug the picturesque Grand Harbour where one can take a traditional Luzzu, a Maltese Gondola, and explore the area from the sea. After this, one can finish with a meal at any of these harbour side restaurants which serve fantastic Maltese and international dishes.

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Malta is a culinary dream with the many cultures that conquered the island helping to create a unique gastronomic blend. Stuffat tal-Fenek, (Rabbit Stew) is the national dish and a fixture of popular celebrations. Gbejniet; a local soft or hard cheese is also very popular especially in Ravjul, the local Ravioli style pasta. Being an island, Malta also has a fair share of fish dishes with Lampuki; Mahi Mahi being served in pies or simply fried.

Malta also has its local on the go food called Pastizzi; little stuffed pastries filled with cheese or crushed peas. Looking for something a bit more substantial then the Ftira is the classic working-class dish which uses earthy leftovers and is popular with all. To wash that down one recommends Kinnie , a bitter orange soft drink or a nice pint of Cisk Lager or Pale Ales showcasing the English influence on the island.

With 5 Michelin Star establishments, high class cuisine is growing ever more popular and shows of exhibits the best of Malta’s past and infuses it with modern techniques whilst using the freshest local produce.

Finally, Wines. Malta and Gozo have a unique yet ample list of over 40 wines that are near impossible to find outside the island as the low amounts produced due to the islands size mean that almost all wine is consumed locally and making it a must at any meal. Vibrant and full-bodied reds accompany crisp whites that perfectly pair with the amazing food on offer.

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The Island of Gozo

Malta’s “Little Sister”, the island of Gozo, is located only a 25-minute ferry ride from the main island. Perfect for a day trip, this slightly more tranquil destination offers it all. Whilst going around Gozo we recommend taking the local Tuk Tuks which have become a staple on the island and provide a fresh way of seeing the local sites.

The Capital City, Victoria, also known as Rabat amongst the locals, is the heartbeat and historical centre of the island. The Citadel, where only a few families live today is where you can find the Cathedral of Santa Marija, the old prison, the law courts and the Bishops Palace.

Historically the Ggantija Temples are an amazing site to behold. This Complex has two of the oldest free-standing structures in the world and is a UNESCO recognized site.  After visiting these amazing sites, we recommend a dip in one of the 3 Blue Flag certified beaches in Gozo, Ramla Bay, Marsalforn Bay and Hondoq Bay to cool down.  The waters here are amazing and will make you want to dive straight in.

Finally, a meal is in order and the vast array of restaurants surrounding the Bay at Marsalforn could not be better situated to enjoy a nice meal with some authentic Gozo Wine and overlook the stunning views.

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Scuba Diving

The Coasts of Malta are a scuba divers paradise with an abundance of reefs, stunning caverns, and wrecks and with 100 sites collectively, Malta is the perfect place to dive.

Both PADI and BSAC have offices on the islands and the PADI license can be started by those as young as 10 whilst the BSAC can be done by those 12 and over.

For many years archaeological excavations have taken place off the Maltese shores and discoveries range from a 2,700-year-old Phoenician wreck, the oldest in the Med, to WW1 battleships and aircraft crash sites.  The most popular of these sites being HMS Maori, sunk in 1942 by German air raid as well as MV Imperial Eagle and Patrol Boat 31, both purposefully scuttled to create artificial sites.

Natural sites such as Reqqa Reef in Gozo , the Coral Gardens in Silema; offer amazing photographic experiences and The Middle Reef in Ghar Lapsi; is great for beginners, and where you can see also spot sea bream and moray eels. The archipelago ensures that anyone and everyone have something to enjoy in the underwater world.

The Blue Hole of Gozo, a deep cave with ample marine life and The Blue Dome, similarly in Gozo, create a stunning visual effect with its raised cathedral like ceiling, giving divers of all abilities the chance to explore. The Star of the show however is The Statue of Christ, a 3-metre tall statue which was commissioned to commemorate Pope John Pauls arrival to the island in 1990.

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