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Free to Join Programme – You Don’t Pay Us, We Pay You!

You can register your agency in Expedia TAAP platform for free and you earn money with every booking made! There is no minimum revenue to become a TAAP affiliate and no monthly administrative costs. Also, you can earn more by qualifying as a Silver, Gold or Platinum member.


Hotel Package Rates

Package Rates is Expedia TAAP’s new feature for Silver, Gold and Platinum agents. The Package Rates are special hotel rates for these premium affiliates. It can save up to 30% on hotel rates.

To validate the Package Rates, the affiliates must have the proof of an associated booking for the same traveller. The associated booking could be flights, car hire, train or cruise. Another advantage of Package Rates is the associated booking doesn’t need to be from Expedia which provides more flexibility and freedom to your clients.

Optimize and Increase Your Earnings with Dynamic Hotel Commission

Expedia TAAP offers you the ability to optimize and increase your commission earning. All TAAP Affiliates can access the Dynamic Hotel Commission Programme. The dynamic hotel commission tiers are identified by the number of Bars. The more bars showing the higher the commission paid!

Search for hotels in premium and premium plus commission tiers to maximise your earnings, and the best part is your client will not pay more for it! If you utilize the new dynamic hotel commission programme to its maximum benefit, you can earn more commissions than before. Expedia TAAP affiliate agents can earn commissions through Expedia’s broad selection of travel products. For example, Flights, Hotel bookings with optional Package Rates, Flight + Hotel packages combined, Car Hire and Things to Do. That is, all the products on Expedia TAAP are commissionable.

Itinerary Builder – Create your passenger’s hotel voucher

Itinerary Builder provides you a copy of their Expedia booked Hotel itineraries with customised information. In Itinerary Builder you can update or edit fields such as:

  1. Edit Header: Input up to 5 lines of specific details including Agency Name, Address and Phone Number.
  2. Hotels: Except the basic booking information such as Travel Dates, Hotel Name, Check In/Out, Hotel Address, Hotel Phone Number, Room Information and Traveller Names, you can choose to show or hide Cancel/Change Rules, Late Arrival Instructions, Check-In Policy and Special Check-In Instructions. If you do not see specific information that you want included from your Itinerary on Expedia. Use the ‘Add Hotel Info’ option to include custom details for your travellers.
  3. Price: Show or hide Price Section in the itinerary.
  4. Export: Export your Itinerary into PDF/RTF/Docx format to print directly.
Deals & Offers

Are you familiar with the Deals and Last Minute Offers when searching Expedia TAAP? Have you ever taken the time to explore what is on offer?

Make the most of Expedia TAAP and search Deals and Last Minute Offers for special prices to offer your clients.

The Last Minute and Deals sections is located at the top menu bar. As you can see in Deals section, you can find hotel deals, flight + hotel deals, unreal deals and other deals options!

Each deal can save your client money and boost your commission earned with Expedia TAAP.

You’re not alone! Your Local Partner Support Team is here to help

Expedia TAAP has a dedicated local support team here in Dublin to deal with any queries related to commission, training sessions and general questions about Expedia TAAP. If you need further information, please email or call on (01) 517 1525 (option 1).

There is also a customer support call centre which can help the agents with booking amendments, cancellations, assistance & questions about bookings and after sales service. You can call on (01) 517 1525 (option 2) directly.

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