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Camino - Product and Innovation Director


Greenlife Tours LTD is a Tour Operator specialised in activity holidays on the Camino de Santiago, Activity holidays in Ireland and other hiking routes worldwide. Founded in 2011, we are now the world leader for the Camino de Santiago. Every year over 10,000 clients travel with us worldwide. We are looking for a Product and Innovation Director to join our team in Dublin 8 to head our Product Team and drive the implementation of new scalable travel products in the general area of Adventure and Hiking holidays. The role will be reporting to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Greenlife Tours.



You are a creative and innovative self-starter who will play a key role in defining the range of adventure and hiking products that Greenlife Tours will invest in in the future. Having a direct input in choosing, negotiating and pricing all new products as well as managing the life cycle of all existing product offerings will put you into a key role within the management team of the company.

When choosing products, you will always look at opportunities through the prism of customer requirements, as well as being acutely aware of what kind of products are scalable. As a strong team-player you will work diligently with the rest of the product team to make the right decisions for the future of the company, acting as the main “think tank” behind the growth of Greenlife Tours.



New Product Development

Working with all stakeholders you will identify and explore the feasibility of new product lines for Greenlife Tours. You will also lead all efforts to identify potential suppliers and partners on the ground, and of pricing the product. The success of new product lines will greatly depend on you putting together viable and scalable product offerings that will lead to substantial amounts of new business generated for Greenlife Tours. You will liaise frequently with the other members of the Product team to foster an atmosphere of collaboration within the team. It will be crucial to conduct regular brainstorming sessions that will encourage “out of the box” thinking as well as fostering an atmosphere of innovation. You and the Product and Innovation Team will be the think tank behind the growth of Greenlife Tours by identifying new markets, new niches and preparing new product lines as a team.


Product Life Cycle Management

Together with your team, you will ensure that all information, both online and offline, on all product lines is updated regularly and that customer feedback is being used to improve our product offering. You will monitor customer interest in our product range and identify which products to push more and in which markets. It will be key for you to make suggestions to the wider management team on what kind of products Greenlife Tours should potentially discontinue, as well as what kind of pricing strategy we may deploy on product offerings where our margin is low or unsatisfactory. You will manage the life cycle for all products including suggestions of when to sunset any product offering.


Content Negotiation and Purchasing

You will work with the rest of the Product Team as well as with contractors on the ground on content negotiations and purchasing decisions. It will be up to you and your team to decide on which suppliers we will work with. You will use customer feedback gathered by our Customer Experience Team in your discussions with suppliers and identify the best supplier options and choices on behalf of Greenlife Tours. For any new product lines, you and your team will make the initial contact with new suppliers and lead the discussions and negotiations to prepare the launch of all new product lines.



1. Creativity and Innovation: Creating new approaches, designs, processes, technologies and/or systems to achieve the desired result.

 (Notices unique patterns, variables, processes, systems or relationships. Expresses non-traditional perspectives and/or novel approaches. Synthesises data, ideas, models, processes or systems to create new insights. Challenges established theories, methods and/or protocols. Encourages and promotes creativity and innovation. Modifies existing concepts, methods, models, designs, processes, technologies and systems. Develops and tests new theories to explain or resolve complex issues. Applies unorthodox theories and/or methods. Imagines new or revolutionary concepts, methods, models, designs, processes, technology, systems, products, services or industries. Combines knowledge, curiosity, imagination, and evaluation to achieve desired results.)


2. Self-Starting: Demonstrating initiative and willingness to begin working.

 (Possesses a strong work ethic and belief in getting results. Takes initiative and does whatever it takes to achieve objectives. Projects self-assurance in getting the task started. Starts quickly to avoid setbacks. Asserts self in personal and professional life. Willing to begin working regardless of circumstances. Accepts personal responsibility for achieving personal and professional goals. Functions effectively and achieves results regardless of circumstances. Takes initiative and acts without waiting for direction. Displays self-confidence, conscientiousness, assertiveness, persistence and is achievement-oriented.)


3. Futuristic Thinking: Imagining, envisioning, projecting and/or creating what has not yet been actualized.

(Demonstrates an ability to connect the dots and see the big picture. Looks beyond the forces driving the current reality that may have long-term effects. Utilises foresight and intuitive perception as well as factual events to draw inferences. Recognises, supports and/or champions cutting-edge ideas. Anticipates future trends or events. Envisions possibilities others may not. Imagines and/or predicts changes in current reality based on deductive and conceptual reasoning. Creates an environment where forward thinking is the norm not the exception. Envisions ideas that may be seen as unobtainable by others. Mentally lives in the future and does not allow current tech to cloud their vision.)


4. Customer Focus: Anticipating, meeting and/or exceeding customer needs, wants and expectations.

(Strives to anticipate, identify and understand customers’ wants, needs and concerns. Responds to customers with a sense of urgency. Follows through on customer requests. Is patient and courteous with customers. Resolves issues and complaints to the satisfaction of customers. Expends extraordinary effort to satisfy customers. Develops relationships with customers. Partners with customers to assist them in achieving their objectives. Acts as an advocate for customers’ needs. Takes professional risks for the sake of customers’ needs.)


5. Conceptual Thinking: Analysing hypothetical situations, patterns and/or abstract concepts to formulate connections and new insights.

(Demonstrates the ability to identify patterns, themes or connections not noticed by others. Gathers hypothetical or abstract concepts to formulate new insights. Evaluates many patterns to formulate connections. Recognises unique or unusual perspectives. Envisions hypothetical situations to formulate new concepts. Utilises patterns to develop new ways to process information. Observes and analyses data to create new methods, techniques or processes. Sees new possibilities by dissecting the situation and examining the parts. Integrates issues and factors into a practical framework. Understands a situation or problem by identifying patterns or connections, to address key underlying issues.)


6. Planning and Organizing: Establishing courses of action to ensure that work is completed effectively.

(Works effectively within established systems. Utilises logical, practical and efficient approaches. Prioritises tasks for optimum productivity. Develops procedures, processes and systems for order, accuracy, efficiency and productivity. Anticipates probable effects, outcomes and risks. Develops contingency plans to minimise waste, error and risk. Allocates, adjusts and manages resources according to priorities. Monitors implementation of plans and makes adjustments as needed. Establishes action plans to ensure desired results. Allows for practical, systematic and organised conclusions.)


7. Teamwork: Cooperating with others to meet objectives.

(Respects team members and their individual perspectives. Makes team objectives a priority. Works toward consensus when team decisions are required. Meets agreed-upon deadlines on team assignments and commitments. Shares responsibility with team members for successes and failures. Keeps team members informed regarding projects. Supports team decisions. Recognises and appreciates the contributions of team members. Behaves in a manner consistent with team values and mission. Provides constructive feedback to team members. Responds positively to feedback from team members. Raises and/or confronts issues limiting team effectiveness.)



The role requires an experienced Product Development and Maintenance professional who has had at least 4-6 years of experience working in a similar role within the travel and tourism industry

A strong understanding of a Tour Operator environment and of how to develop product offerings in the travel industry is a key requirement.

Some team leadership experience is desirable

Excellent communication skills both verbal and written. Proficiency in a second language (preferably Spanish) would be a clear advantage.



Payment Competitive remuneration package available DOE + bonus scheme.

Immediate start.

Additional Staff Benefits Include annual familiarization trip on one of our routes, option to travel on our routes during annual leave, pension/health benefits, 22 days annual leave plus one extra day added for every second year with us, development training, staff parking at our office in Dublin 8.


To apply send your CV and cover letter to .

Additional Info
Reference: TL1810/20
Location: Dublin 8
Salary: Competitive remuneration package available DOE + bonus scheme
Closing Date: 30 Nov 2018

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