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Camino - Head of New Business Development


Greenlife Tours LTD is a Tour Operator specialised in activity holidays on the Camino de Santiago, Activity holidays in Ireland and other hiking routes worldwide. Founded in 2011, we are now the world leader for the Camino de Santiago. Every year over 10,000 clients travel with us worldwide.

We are looking for a Head of New Business Development to join our team in Dublin 8 to establish new profitable business relationships with a range of B2B partners in the travel trade. Working independently with travel agents, tour operators, and organised groups, the ideal candidate will contribute significantly to the growth of Greenlife Tours, and to establishing us as the first-choice partner for anyone organising holidays on the Camino de Santiago or other activity holidays covered by Greenlife Tours. The role will be reporting to the Sales & Marketing Director of Greenlife Tours.



You are a goal-orientated self-starter who loves working independently on identifying and pursuing a variety of sales leads. By constantly adapting to new challenges, influencing others and accepting full accountability for your efforts, you deliver superior results that will help Greenlife Tours grow into the first-choice B2B partner for anyone planning to organise tours on the Camino de Santiago or other tours operated by the company.

At all times you communicate effectively and manage to build a rapport with potential B2B clients and partners. You are happy to thoroughly and systematically plan and document your own sales efforts, thus giving yourself the maximum opportunity to succeed in a competitive environment.



New Business Development

To be successful in this role, you will be working independently with channel partners such as travel agents and tour operators, and with charity and religious groups, and other new potential B2B partners to build new business. You will be responsible to lead all business development efforts across all Greenlife Tours’ brands, covering all markets that the company operates in globally. You will be expected to take full ownership of making first contact with a range of potential client types, and then to successfully build, lead, strengthen and manage a vibrant culture of focussing on these target customers. You will own the relationship with potential new B2B partners until a framework agreement on our co-operation and deliverables has been agreed, and then pass on the relationship to the Account Management team.


Brand Awareness/ Share of Mind

As a brand ambassador you will frequently represent the entire portfolio of Greenlife Tours brands at conferences and trade shows particularly targeting the B2B sector. Your main goal will be to place Greenlife Tours and our brands in the minds of key B2B partners and strengthen the relationship up to a point where a framework for business co-operation is agreed.


Sales Planning

Prospecting potential partners across the different Greenlife Tours brands and in a variety of global market places, you will plan and organise your sales efforts meticulously. Proper documentation of prospects and handing over all information in a professional manner to the account management team will ensure the continued success of the company with these new clients.



1. Goal Orientation: Setting, pursuing and attaining goals, regardless of obstacles or circumstances.

 (Acts instinctively to achieve objectives without supervision. Expends the necessary time and effort to achieve goals. Recognises and acts on opportunities to advance progress to meet goals. Establishes and works toward ambitious and challenging goals. Develops and implements strategies to meet objectives. Measures effectiveness and performance to ensure results are attained. Acts with a determination to achieve goals. Demonstrates persistence in overcoming obstacles to meet objectives. Takes calculated risks to achieve results. Employs a strategy that affects how they approach tasks and future projects.)


2. Personal Accountability: Being answerable for personal actions.

 (Demonstrates the ability to self-evaluate. Strives to take responsibility for his actions. Evaluates many aspects of his personal actions. Recognises when he has made a mistake. Accepts personal responsibility for outcomes. Utilises feedback. Observes and analyses data to learn from mistakes. Sees new possibilities by examining personal performance. Accepts responsibility for actions and results. Willing to take ownership of situations.


3. Self-Starting: Demonstrating initiative and willingness to begin working.

 (Possesses a strong work ethic and belief in getting results. Takes initiative and does whatever it takes to achieve objectives. Projects self-assurance in getting the task started. Starts quickly to avoid setbacks. Asserts self in personal and professional life. Willing to begin working regardless of circumstances. Accepts personal responsibility for achieving personal and professional goals. Functions effectively and achieves results regardless of circumstances. Takes initiative and acts without waiting for direction. Displays self-confidence, conscientiousness, assertiveness, persistence and is achievement-oriented.)


4. Flexibility: Readily modifying, responding and adapting to change with minimal resistance.

(Responds promptly to shifts in direction, priorities and schedules. Demonstrates agility in accepting new ideas, approaches and/or methods. Effective in shifting priorities and tasks. Modifies methods or strategies to fit changing circumstances. Adapts personal style to work with different people. Maintains productivity during transitions. Embraces and/or champions a shift in activity. Strives to adapt to situational demands. Capable of changing or adjusting to meet particular or varied needs. Able to step outside their comfort zone and try something they haven’t done before.)


5. Influencing Others: Personally affecting others’ actions, decisions, opinions or thinking.

 (Utilises the knowledge of others’ needs, wants, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviour to promote a concept, product or service. Builds trust and credibility before attempting to promote concepts, products or services. Understands and utilises the behaviours of others to personally affect an outcome. Uses logic and reason to develop rational arguments that challenge current assumptions. Identifies and addresses the barriers that prevent people from seeing the benefits. Adapts techniques to understand and meet the needs and wants of those being influenced. Understands the role self-awareness plays in influencing others. Leverages a person in an indirect but important way. Produces effects on the actions, behaviour and opinions of others. Brings others to their way of thinking without force or coercion.)


6. Interpersonal Skills: Effectively communicating, building rapport and relating well to all kinds of people.

(Strives for self-awareness in a social setting. Demonstrates sincere interest in others. Treats all people with respect, courtesy and consideration. Respects differences in the attitudes and perspectives of others. Listens, observes and strives to gain understanding of others. Communicates effectively. Shows sensitivity to diversity issues. Develops and maintains relationships with many different kinds of people regardless of differences. Handles any situation gracefully by using non-verbal communication, in-depth questioning and listening skills. Recognising other’s perspectives, by actively listening, thus providing many views of a given situation.)


7. Customer Focus: Anticipating, meeting and/or exceeding customer needs, wants and expectations.

 (Strives to anticipate, identify and understand customers’ wants, needs and concerns. Responds to customers with a sense of urgency. Follows through on customer requests. Is patient and courteous with customers. Resolves issues and complaints to the satisfaction of customers. Expends extraordinary effort to satisfy customers. Develops relationships with customers. Partners with customers to assist them in achieving their objectives. Acts as an advocate for customers’ needs. Takes professional risks for the sake of customers’ needs.)



Min 4-6 years of working in a sales and business development related role, ideally in the travel and tourism industry.

A strong understanding of the travel and tourism industry, the main markets and main players globally would be a distinct advantage.

Excellent planning and organisation skills to identify the right prospects and document all sales efforts.

Excellent presentation skills.

Outstanding relationship-building skills and an ability to really influence potential new partners.

Resilience and strong goal-orientation.

An excellent communicator who can convince and win over people. Excellent English language skills, both verbal and written.



Competitive remuneration package available DOE + bonus scheme. Immediate start.

Additional Staff Benefits Include annual familiarization trip on one of our routes, option to travel on our routes during annual leave, pension/health benefits, 22 days annual leave plus one extra day added for every second year with us, development training, staff parking at our office in Dublin 8.


To apply send your CV and cover letter to .

Additional Info
Reference: TL1810/19
Location: Dublin 8
Salary: Competitive remuneration package available DOE + bonus scheme
Closing Date: 30 Nov 2018

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